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Article: Best 2024 Father’s Day Gifts For A Cool Dad

Best 2024 Father’s Day Gifts For A Cool Dad

Best 2024 Father’s Day Gifts For A Cool Dad

Father’s Day: that very special time of the year when you celebrate your very special Dad by buying him another tie, or another pair of socks or something. Right? Wrong. Celebrating Dad is about so much more than just getting him a generic present off the shelf. Celebrating Dad is about creating memories, sharing a special moment, and expressing your love. We just think that you can do that AND get him a super cool present that says “I know you, Dad!” at the same time. We got you. Your dad has their own vibe, and we have created a list of items that we think will match and even elevate his vibe to the next level.




You don’t have to be an actual hipster to be hip and to appreciate the resurgence of vinyl records. If your dad has a turntable, you will absolutely delight him by giving him a special record for his special day.We always highly recommend visiting and supporting your local independent record store, but if you need a place to start or are pressed for time, here is our local vinyl shop that does online orders. If you don’t  know what that missing piece of vinyl is from your dad’s collection (we promise there are tons!), you might want to settle on a gift card. A little advice: $40 is a good place to start.


Scott James Custom Lighter

 Kingman Turquoise Lighter The crown jewel of our Father’s day recommendations. If you want one of these beauties, then you’re gonna want to run, not walk over to the Scott James Jewelry website and order one TODAY; Scott is only providing a limited quantity of these custom made pieces, and if you sleep on these they will be gone before you wake. Buy Now.

Thread Wallet

This minimalist wallet has become a trend not only because they are cool, but also because they are saving dads’ asses (and backs) from the trend of overstuffing their wallets with everything but cash. If you haven’t heard of Thread, you are missing out and need to take time exploring their many styles. You will most likely immediately fall in love (like we did), and end up buying one for yourself (maybe even a different one for each of your favorite ‘fits). Find the right style that will add to your dad’s easy coolness and make him feel proud of your thoughtful gift every time he pulls out his wallet to buy you dinner (wink wink). (Oh and by the way, their bags are pretty damn rad too.)



Cool dad’s are either wearing these around their necks because they are fashionable AF, or if your dad is the McGyver of the family who’s always prepared for anything, they’re stashing them in their pockets. Regardless which of these your dad is (you can give him a little direction if he needs some help), we love these hankies from Roark.



This will only be a miss if your dad is not a coffee drinker. We’re partial to our friends over at Alpha Coffee, a local Utah company. We love their coffee and their involvement in giving back to the outdoor community.  Alpha focuses on delivering high quality beans that are unique, delicious, and roasted just right so you can enjoy the flavor of the bean and not just taste the roast. If you really want to up your game, get him a subscription and have it auto-shipped every month. Now, you can prove that you have good taste and are financially responsible, too. We call that a two-fer!


Coffee Mug



You can never go wrong with a mug for your Papa. A functional item that can also let all the people on his Zoom calls for work that he doesn’t mess around, especially if you pick up one of the rad mugs from Go Fast Don’t Die. Every dad will appreciate a mug to drink their favorite beverage, be it coffee,  water, or a cocktail.


Playing Cards

Trust us, these are not played out yet. Especially if you go with a beautiful and creatively designed pack of cards like the ones you can find at The Art of Play. If you really want to make your dad feel special, take him to breakfast at his favorite breakfast joint, then while you're waiting for the food to come out, have him open his gift and challenge him to a classic game Speed. You’ll get bonus points for giving him that one on one time and you’ll find that folks around you will smile with pleasure watching you create a playful moment. They may just ask you where you got your sweet playing cards, and you’ll have the perfect answer.




Is your cool dad a reader? We like our audible books just like anyone, but nothing communicates “Dad, you’re cool, smart, AND I love you”, like a hardcover book.

Need a recommendation? We’re big fans of Rick Rubin’s book, “The Creative Act: A Way of Being”, and think it's a must-read for everyone. In Rubin’s Zen-like way, he invites us all to take the chance and lean into expressing our unique creativity, which we all inherently have but may have convinced ourselves doesn’t exist. This book can be read as a daily reader since the chapters are broken into small nuggets of inspiration, guidance, and thought-provoking encouragement. While you’re buying dad a copy, buy one for yourself too.

Check out your local independent bookstore, or if you are in a pinch you can order online here.

We are confident that you will hit it out of the park with any of these 8 gifts for your dad. You can always browse our Dad’s favorite catalog for additional unique pieces that we guarantee will make dad feel special and add that extra something to his already unique style.














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