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Handmade Artisan Rings

From our studio in Heber City, Utah, we commemorate mankind’s relationship with the Earth with handcrafted artisan rings that represent a unique blend of human ingenuity and the natural elegance of the place we call home. 

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Number 8 Turquoise Textured SignetNumber 8 Turquoise Textured Signet
Oval Sunray RingOval Sunray Ring
Oval Sunray Ring Sale priceFrom $75.00
Hubei Turquoise Texture SignetHubei Turquoise Texture Signet
Nacozari Turquoise Texture SignetNacozari Turquoise Texture Signet
Turquoise Sunray SignetTurquoise Sunray Signet
Turquoise Sunray Signet Sale price$275.00
Daydreamer RingDaydreamer Ring
Daydreamer Ring Sale price$295.00
Desert Silhouette RingDesert Silhouette Ring
Desert Silhouette Ring Sale priceFrom $650.00
Diamond Halo RingDiamond Halo Ring
Diamond Halo Ring Sale price$1,850.00
Turquoise Mountain Silhouette SettingTurquoise Mountain Silhouette Setting
Desert Sage RingDesert Sage Ring
Desert Sage Ring Sale price$250.00
Get Amongst It RingGet Amongst It Ring
Get Amongst It Ring Sale priceFrom $150.00
Northern Lights RingNorthern Lights Ring
Northern Lights Ring Sale price$140.00
Evergreen RingEvergreen Ring
Evergreen Ring Sale priceFrom $300.00
Let’s Go Exploring Ring
Four Seasons Ring
Four Seasons Ring Sale price$135.00
Rivers Committed RingRivers Committed Ring
Rivers Committed Ring Sale price$850.00
Sunrise Sunset RingSunrise Sunset Ring
Sunrise Sunset Ring Sale priceFrom $85.00
Mountain Sunrise RingMountain Sunrise Ring
Mountain Sunrise Ring Sale priceFrom $85.00
Alpenglow Signet
Alpenglow Signet Sale priceFrom $190.00
Forged RingForged Ring
Forged Ring Sale priceFrom $145.00
Square Turquoise SignetSquare Turquoise Signet
Square Turquoise Signet Sale price$175.00
Save $110.00Mountain Sunray SignetMountain Sunray Signet
Mountain Sunray Signet Sale price$165.00 Regular price$275.00
Turquoise Sunray RingTurquoise Sunray Ring
Turquoise Sunray Ring Sale priceFrom $170.00
Roam SignetsRoam Signets
Roam Signets Sale priceFrom $150.00
Rivers RingRivers Ring
Rivers Ring Sale priceFrom $65.00
Branch BandBranch Band
Branch Band Sale priceFrom $45.00
Mountain Sage Band
Mountain Sage Band Sale priceFrom $45.00
Desert Sandstone RingDesert Sandstone Ring
Desert Sandstone Ring Sale priceFrom $65.00
Wisdom RingWisdom Ring
Wisdom Ring Sale priceFrom $75.00
Inlay Within Ring
Inlay Within Ring Sale price$1,800.00
Golden Turquoise SignetGolden Turquoise Signet
Golden Turquoise Signet Sale price$350.00
Sold outKintsugi Turquoise RingKintsugi Turquoise Ring
Kintsugi Turquoise Ring Sale price$475.00
Alpine MoonAlpine Moon
Alpine Moon Sale price$300.00
Sonoran Gold RingSonoran Gold Ring
Sonoran Gold Ring Sale price$650.00
Wisdom Sapphire Ring
Wisdom Sapphire Ring Sale price$250.00
Alpine BandAlpine Band
Alpine Band Sale priceFrom $75.00
Icy Mountain Rivers
Icy Mountain Rivers Sale price$195.00
Mountain-Wave RingMountain-Wave Ring
Mountain-Wave Ring Sale priceFrom $45.00
Stargazer Sale priceFrom $50.00
Aspen BandAspen Band
Aspen Band Sale priceFrom $45.00
Save $112.50Memento Mori RingMemento Mori Ring
Memento Mori Ring Sale price$112.50 Regular price$225.00
Mountain Healing RingMountain Healing Ring
Mountain Healing Ring Sale price$140.00
Blue Skies Mountain RingBlue Skies Mountain Ring
Mountains Above•Sea Below
Mountains Above•Sea Below Sale priceFrom $325.00
Golden Moonstone in MountainsGolden Moonstone in Mountains
Golden Moonstone in Mountains Sale priceFrom $685.00
Sea to Summit Ring
Sea to Summit Ring Sale price$650.00
Mountain and Wave BandMountain and Wave Band
Mountain and Wave Band Sale priceFrom $60.00
Find your Way SignetFind your Way Signet
Find your Way Signet Sale priceFrom $275.00