The Way of the Water Ring

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The snow and rivers we love to enjoy in our favorite mountains flows down to the ocean to become the hypnotic waves of our favorite beaches. This is the perfect piece of jewelry for all of us who love getting up high in the mountains and out into the water.  We set the stone of your choice in our custom designed mountain and wave bezel. The bezel can be all sterling silver or have 14k gold accent mountains. The ring is finished with brushed sterling silver split band.

The flow of the water mimics our flow through this life, full of twists and turns, eddies and lakes and rapids.

To order this semi-custom piece first choose the turquoise stone that speaks to you.

Stone 1 -Whitewater,  Stone 2 - Kingman, Stone 3 -Golden Hill , Stone 4 -Sonoran Gold, Stone 5 -Royston, Stone 6 - Whitewater, Stone 7 -Kingman, Stone 8 -Kingman

Second, choose your metal.  All sterling silver or two tone with 14k yellow gold mountains and sterling silver waves.

Third, tell us your size. We can do whole, half, and or sizes 5-10.

Please allow 7-10 days before your new item will ship.